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Types of Anabolic Steroids used in Food Production


Diethylstilbestrol (DES)

  • Diethylstilbestrol is a synthetic form of the Hormone Estrogen
  • Used originally for preventing Miscarriages
  • Had been rumoured to increase risk of Cancer in Patients
  • And also linked to Female Birth defects, of the reproductive system
  • Animals tested have shown significant Body mass gains

Animals Used On : Steers : Calves : Heifers : Veal


  • Used as a Body mass increasing Steroid.
  • Significant overall Body mass increases where found in test subjects
  • Dangers to Health through Oestrogen use for Cattle where noted
  • Hexoestrol is appliead to Feed as an Aerosol
  • Ingested by Animals through the live root of pasture in small doses

Animals Used On : Steers : Sheep : Calves : Poultry


Zeranol is actually a non steroidal mycotoxin. Zeranol use is widespread within the USA as a synthetic growth promoter.

  • Increased Cattle Appetite
  • Increased Body Mass Gain
  • Increased Meat to Fat Ratios
  • Improved Carcass quality
  • 90% of the U.S. Beef Cattle are treated with growth promoters
  • Exposeure to Zeranol through consumption of beef from Zeranol treated Cattle
  • Safety has been debated due to its ability to cause Cancer
  • May also reduce male fertility

Animals Used On : Steers : Sheep


Melengestrol Acetate (MGA)

  • Melengestrol Acetate approved for use in Canada
  • Used to promote an increase in Body mass
  • Increase in Cattle Appetite
  • Suppress Estrus in Beef Heifers
  • Approved Exclusively To Beef Cattle

Animals Used On : Heifers


Trenbolone Acetate (TBA)

Trenbolone is used by Vets to treat Livestock

  • Increase Muscle growth
  • Increases Appetite
  • Often referred to as Fina
  • Improves Muscle mass in Cattle
  • Increases the Bodies Mineral absorption
  • Hightened attachment to the androgen receptors
  • Increase Muscle Nitrogen intake
  • Increased rate of Protein synthesis

Animals Used On : Heifers : Culled cows : Steers

Oestradiol 17

What is oestradiol? Oestradiol is the strongest naturally produced oestrogen. A steroid hormone which has many functions.

  • Concentrated naturally mainly in Women
  • Levels in women naturally reduce with age
  • Significant decreases through Female Menopause
  • Matures and maintains the female reproductive system
  • Promotes development of Breast Tissue
  • Increases Bone thickness

Animals Used On : Bulls : Steers : Calves : Sheep : Heifers


Key Steroid Hormone that can be found all Mammals. Naturally produced through the Male Testes.

  • A key hormone in Male Sexual development
  • Increases Body Mass
  • Improves Muscle development
  • Increases Bone Mass

Aniamls Used On : Calves : Swine

The use of chemicals and assisted growth supplements for food and drugs has been rampant for quite some time. 

You’ll find that a variety of people sour on the notion and assume that it’s always bad to tamper with nature. 

However, many don’t realize the good that many farmers have found when utilizing special changes to the way they grow certain foods that the general public eats. 

For instance, there are those that utilize anabolic steroids for sale in food, and create a long lasting impression. 

The mainstream media will often times demonize the issue, but the truth of the matter is that there are a number of benefits to this and most of the general public doesn’t even realize it.

Now, before we move too far away from the science here, it is not a matter of injecting, adding, or changing the chemical make up of the plants or foods you eat. However, it is a matter of growing highly concentrated foods that have specific phytoecdysteroids. 

These are highly concentrated mechanisms that occur naturally in many foods and when combined with a variety of other options, help not only maintain healthy muscle improvement, performance, but also boost those that buy steroids on a regular basis, get an even bigger natural edge.

The important thing here is that you understand that this whole thing is natural. Some of the foods that are farmed in high concentrations have a great deal of steroids in them. 

However, it’s not the same thing that you hear about when the mainstream media talks bad about the substance. 

What the media talks about often is the abuse of the synthetic form, and while some use it without the abuse in line, others utilize natural options in conjunction to ensure that the body doesn’t become toxic.

Using anabolic steroids in food production is an interesting debated topic that requires a lot of work and understanding. 

You’ll have to first realize that these are not bad, they are not going to kill anyone, and do not produce the same results that you may have thought. 

In fact, many uses for these plants, foods, and even synthetic formulas are used often, and no one talks about it. 

The fact that certain foods carry this naturally and are sometimes exploited for their natural benefits should not cause alarm at all, and the main reason is very simple; it’s safe.

For those that are skeptical as to what natural occurring items might already be linked to anabolic steroids, or have specialized phytoecdysteroid in them, simply look to a few items in nature. 

For instance, quinoa, suma root, and spinach all have this supplement in the body, and when combined with a specialized diet, and exercise program can deliver quite the boost for an athlete or experienced lifter.

One last thing to understand is that on going research and development is going on to not only see what effect these natural occurring options have, but to also look and see about anabolic steroids in food, and how the combination can be used for a variety of beneficial things. 

Most would be s surprised at how many foods can help the body, and tagged with the notion of anabolic steroids either occurring naturally or supplemented.

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